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Need a gift to celebrate the settlement of a new home? The Perfect Gift is right here, filled with 100% Riverina Murray products to welcome you home.


Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Distinctive) 250ml - Wollundry Grove Olives (Brucedale)

A delicious blend of early harvest from green to early ripening fruit. It is stronger or more robust oil that has a strong peppery finish and displays bitterness and pungency. High in anti-oxidants this oil suits tomato based as a flavour enhancer, pasta, curries or where the chef wants full flavours.  A versatile ingredient that can be used for stir frying, baking, roasting, dressings, dips, spreads, cakes and sweets.

Black Manzanillo Olives 330g - Wollundry Grove Olives (Brucedale)

Wollundry Grove produces exceptional eating olives that balance the distinct flavour traits of the Manzanillo with the subtle, natural flavours imparted by the pickling process. These olives are universally recognised for their fresh flavour and generous pulp.

Dukkah 60g - Magpie's Nest (Wagga)

A delicious blend of herbs, nuts and spices. Perfect partner with Wollundry Olive Oil and warm bread!

Dry Roasted Hazelnuts 250ml - Happy Wombat Hazelnuts (Batlow)

Delicious oven roasted hazelnuts straight from the farm! These little beauties are in short supply as the farm was damaged in the recent bushfires. But don't worry, they'll bounce back! 

Bushman's Mix - Charlie's Gourmet Salt & Pepper (Kamara)

Beautifully blended mix of smoked Australian rock salt, double smoked black pepper, chilli & garlic.

Himalayan Pink Salt - Charlie's Gourmet Salt & Pepper (Kamara)

Finely ground Himalayan pink rock salt.

450gm Casareece pasta - Zecca (Griffith)

A narrow S-shaped pasta perfect for trapping sauces inside!

Tea Towel - Mallee Road Studio 

Beautifully handcrafted tea towel!

Cheese Board & handcrafted wooden spoon - Factorem (Wagga)

Beuatifully handcrafted right here in Wagga with Ash Redgum timber 24cm x 15cm cheese board and wooden spoon. 

Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar 100ml – Morella Grove (Widgelli) 

The Garlic Source - Crowley's Hot Sauce (Wagga)


1 x Gift Card with your custom message. 


*** Local delivery to Wagga & surrounds includes hamper presented in handcrafted box as pictured. Hampers being shipped within Australia, will be presented in an enclosed gift box.